Privacy Policy 私隐条规

Collected Information
We only collect the informations that needed for the registration procedure at our website or when fill up the registration form on the site. The information that we gathered are voluntarily submitted by the customers to us. We collect customer's personal information during the account registration on our site on our site.

Personal Identification Details
Your personal identification details are used to process your order of the products, customize your profile information, internal usage with legal requirements, update your status of online shopping in our site and also to update our customers with our latest news of updates/changes, promotions and events.

Your personal information such as credit cards details, bank account numbers are well kept secret and confidential with us. We will never share any of your personal details to any third party. Our sites do apply appropriate security application in order to keep all the customers information safe at all time.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

COOL VERSION have the rights to do any changes/updates Privacy Policy contents without giving prior notice to the customers.  Do keep track on the Privacy Policy page on our website.

our company website do applies appropriate security application in order to prevent the leaking customers' personal identification details from third parties, illegal disclosure and hackers. However bear in mind that any information transmitted through Internet is NOT 100% guaranteed safe and secure.




您的个人身份信息将用于处理您的产品订购,自定义您的个人资料信息以及符合法律要求的内部使用,更新您在我们网站上的在线购物状态以及通过我们的最新更新/更改,促销新闻来更新我们的客户 和事件。


您的个人信息(例如信用卡详细信息,银行帐号)会与我们妥善保密。 我们绝不会将您的任何个人信息透露给任何第三方。 我们的站点确实应用了适当的安全应用程序,以便始终保持所有客户信息的安全。



COOL VERSION有权进行任何更改/更新隐私政策的内容,恕不另行通知客户。 请务必上跟踪我们网站的“隐私政策”页面。


我们公司的网站会采取适当的安全措施,以防止第三方,非法披露和黑客泄露客户的个人身份信息。 但是请记住,并非100%保证通过互联网传输的任何信息的安全性。