Q.  How do purchase my order on the site?

A. To place an order, you may browse our products by clicking on any of our products that you’re interested in on our website. Once you’ve confirmed, add the product by clicking “Add To Cart”. You may then choose to proceed to “Checkout” to make your payment or you can continue to add products into your cart.


Q. To  request for a refund, exchange or to return your order?

A.  To  request for a refund, exchange or to return your order , you may do by contacting us : call or Whatsapp us at 013- 520 2696

Refunds, exchanges and returns are not allowed if the products are damaged, used or tampered with. If we’ve received the products back and found that it has been damaged, used or tampered with, we have the rights to return the products back to you at your own costs and refuse refunds.




答:要下订单,您可以通过在我们的网站上单击您感兴趣的任何产品来浏览我们的产品。 确认后,点击“添加到购物车”添加产品。 然后,您可以选择进行“结帐”付款,也可以继续将产品添加到购物车中。




答:要要求退款,交换或退还您的订单,您可以通过与我们联系:致电或致电013- 520 2696与我们联系。

如果产品损坏,使用或篡改,则不得退款,换货和退货。 如果我们退回产品后发现产品已损坏,使用或被篡改,我们有权将产品退还给您,费用自负并拒绝退款。